You can sign up and start using the Sandbox environment, whether you are a customer of cdbbank or not.

You may use the "Contact us" form through the Developers portal. We will be more than happy to assist you. We always value your feedback and welcome any comments you may have to improve our programs and services.

Yes, you may delete your profile account by clicking on the "Forget me" button under profile details.

Unfortunately you cannot upload your own test data, however our sandbox test database holds sufficient test data to accommodate your needs.

Our APIs are not registered with a specific Open Banking standard. However, during the creation of our APIs, the UK Open Banking ( standard has been followed. Our flows follow version 1.1 of UK Open Banking Standard with minimum changes in payment APIs to accommodate international payments.

You may refer to the reset client secret instructions. It is extremely important to remember to update your application with the new client secret, once it is reset.

The application's Client Secret is generated once and you are advised to keep the value since it is stored in encrypted format and we cannot retrieve it on your behalf. However, in case you forget its value you may navigate to the "Apps" menu and click on the "Reset" button under the "Client secret" section.

You are advised to try again after some time. If the problem persists, please contact us since there is a possibility that the service is down.

Detailed logs are available for both Sandbox and Live Applications, that allow developers to see which APIs were called, when they were called and all relevant request and response data that was sent.

You can create as many apps as you wish and there is no limit to the number of registered apps. However, you are advised to consciously create your apps with clear title and description for better management.

Signing up to the developers' portal, creating applications and testing is totally free of charge.

Yes, Sandbox data is private. However, you should always be cautious and not disclose your profile username, password or Client Secret to others.

Deleting your profile account will result to the deletion of the applications created under your profile as well.

Even though a community forum is not available at the moment, you may contact us through the Developers’ portal to address any inquiries and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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